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How To Start Your Own Lash Brand

If you’re wondering when the best time to start a company might be, the answer is sooner rather than later. There are so many growing opportunities in the cosmetics industry with the increasing availability of white label cosmetics opportunities on almost any type of product, and eyelashes are no exception to that. But before you start your own line of lashes, there are some things to understand. Here are our tips on how to start your own lash brand from inception to launch. 

Do your research

Before you start any type of consumer brand you want to have a good idea of what your ideal customer might look like or what they might want in a product. Research existing products and brands that you might be competing with, and try to identify what might make your brand special. Are you a woman-owned brand? Is your brand focused on creating a product not yet available? For something like a lash brand that might not be the case, but you can get creative with your marketing and packaging to fill a need in the industry through your brand rather than your product. 

Find a vendor that makes the product you want

You’ll likely find in your market research that there is a significant difference in the types of lash products on the market today. It’s important to be picky when you decide whether you want mink, silk, or synthetic lashes. These are the three most common materials that lashes are made from, but other materials are available in certain markets (some false lashes are even made from human hair, though it’s not as common). 

Synthetic lashes are often the most affordable products on the consumer market because they’re made from affordable materials such as rubber or plastic. However, they also don’t last as long as mink lash alternatives and are usually intended to be used as single use products. There are advantages and drawbacks to this, as opting for synthetic lash products over mink lashes means that you won’t be able to price your products as high, but you could sell more products overall. 

Mink lashes are more expensive and are made from genuine mink fur. They’re not as shiny as synthetic lashes which makes them look more natural when applied. These products are often more expensive but can be used more than once. For this reason many consumers prefer them over synthetic alternatives because they last longer and are more sanitary (synthetic lashes have an easier time trapping dirt and germs. 

Silk lashes, much like synthetic lashes, are often shiny and come in a variety of shapes and sizes because they’re easier to manipulate than mink or human hair ever could be. There are benefits to these products (like synthetic, they’re often cheaper) and are often preferred among vegans or environmentalists that want to avoid using products with animal byproducts or fur in them. 

White labeling benefits

The biggest benefit in white labeling your own product is that you have near-complete control of how your product can be marketed and sold. With white label opportunities like Aurora Global Brands, you have the freedom to design your own product and packaging so that it can reflect your brand 100%. This type of freedom enables you to start a business with less of a start up cost than if you were to manufacture your own product because it removes a lot of the costs associated with that. 


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