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How To Apply False Eyelashes

One beauty trend that came but never went was lush, voluminous lashes. False eyelashes have been around for a long time, but so many people don’t know how to apply them correctly and choose to avoid them altogether. There are lots of different ways to apply false eyelashes that depend on what kind of false lashes you use. Whether it be traditional silk or mink lash strips, magnetic lashes, or smaller individual lashes that might take more time out of your routine, this is how to apply false lashes as well as the do’s and don’ts of applying them.

Strip lashes 

Strip lashes are fairly easy to apply. There are two types of glue that you can use to apply these lashes—white or black glue. White glue dries clear and is good for people that want to create a lash look but not use eyeliner. Black glue, on the other hand, is ideal for looks that will incorporate eyeliner as they blend seamlessly with black eyeliner. 

Before you apply the strip lashes, measure them out to make sure that they’re the right length for your eye. They should fit nicely from where your lashes start to the outer corner of your eye (note, don’t apply them from the inner corner, just where your lashes begin). If the lash strip is a bit long, trim it from the outer edge in. If you trim the end of the lashes that goes closer to your nose, the lashes might look too long or lose their shape. 

Once you’ve measured and trimmed your lashes, apply a small amount of glue along the strip and wait for it to get sticky. This might also be a good time to apply mascara and curl your real lashes. Once your mascara is dry, after about twenty seconds, you can apply the lash strip to your lash line. We recommend using a tool to help apply the lashes as precisely as possible. By doing this, they’ll line up better with your real lashes and look much more natural. 

Single lashes

Single lashes have much of the same application technique as strip lashes, but they’re not a full strip. Apply the glue as you would with strip lashes and wait the same amount of time. Apply as many lashes as you need to get a filled out look that looks natural and consistent on both eyes. These lashes are good for everyday use because they often look more natural than strip lashes and can be as full or as subtle as you want them to be. 

Magnetic lashes 

Magnetic lashes are probably the simplest type of lash to apply because they require almost no prep work. These lashes contain magnets along the strip and the magnets bind to a magnetic eyeliner. The liner creates a strong magnetic bond with the lashes, helping them to stay put (seriously, you can even wear them on a roller coaster without worrying that they’re going to fall off). The hardest part in applying these lashes is in applying the liner, so if applying liquid liner is a specialty of yours, this will be simple. 

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