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5 Tips For Choosing The Best Magnetic Lashes In 2020

The beauty industry is full of variation because so many people are picky about what they want out of a product and what they want their products to be made from. The beauty of the beauty industry, though, is that you can have this variation in the first place. Like any other product, the false lash industry has tons of options for business owners to pick from in order to create the perfect product for their brand. In this particular post, though, we’ll be talking about magnetic lashes—specifically how to choose the best magnetic lashes for your brand, from information updated for 2020. 

What are magnetic lashes?

Magnetic lashes are pretty self explanatory. They’re false eyelashes that have a magnetic strip on the end that you apply to your lid instead of a normal plastic strip. This strip pairs with magnetic eyeliner, which you can use in place of regular eyeliner. Once you put the eyeliner on, the magnetic lashes will bind to the liner and stay there throughout the day. 

Why choose magnetic lashes over regular false lashes?

The biggest benefit to using magnetic lashes over false lashes is that they’re far less irritating than regular lashes often are. Anyone that has ever worn false lashes (especially anyone that has ever worn false lashes with contact lenses) knows that they can be irritating the longer you wear them. Magnetic lashes are less irritating because they’re not bound to your eyelids with glue. They’re also much easier to apply than regular false lashes and don’t run the risk of falling off after the glue becomes less sticky throughout the day. 

Are magnetic lashes safe?

They sure are. Doctors have said that magnetic lashes are actually safer to use than regular false eyelashes that require glue because you’re not putting glue so close to your eye. The magnetic liner is safe to use near the eye area, and as long as you’re practicing good hygiene when you use the magnetic lashes there isn’t a risk of germs getting into your eye. 

How should I market magnetic lashes?

The good news is that magnetic lashes are hugely popular right now, especially in the United States, where kits are popping up in beauty retailers around the country. The best way to market your magnetic lash brand is to amplify that your product is magnetic, not glue-based, because many people are looking for that type of product specifically. Make sure that your magnetic lashes come with a complete lash kit (liner included) because most kits are sold this way and the magnetic lash glue is often made specifically for each set of lashes. When it comes to the packaging and design, though, you can get creative. 

The more magnets, the better

The biggest difference between good and bad magnetic lashes is how many magnets are on the lash. The more magnets a strip of false magnetic lashes has, the stronger it will be. Most people want this, as it prevents them from having to worry that their lashes will fall off when they don’t want them to. Opt for a product that contains more magnets on the strip—the best rated products come with five magnets on each lash strip, meaning that they’re strong and durable.

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